In 1990 a frost destroyed the entire kiwi crop of the Costanzo family. Gennaro, forefather and father of five children, faced with the difficulty, decides in greement with his wife and lifelong partner Lia, to start a new business. And so the "Mini Caseificio Costanzo" was born in 1991, receiving valuable contributions of experts in the sector. The small laboratory was built in Lusciano, province of Caserta, in the fertile Campania Felix. Here, Gennaro sources small quantities of milk from carefully selected stables, to make and an excellent final
product: Costanzo Buffalo Mozzarella. The success was immediate. Since then, Mini Caseificio Costanzo has always stayed true to Gennaro's initial principle: quality, quality and search for quality in every aspect, starting with the milk, to the relationship with the breeders, to the workers of the dairy factory; which means control and respect for an ethic. In 1995 the zootechnic farm was founded with the breeding of the first buffaloes. Today Luigi, Alessandro, Valentina and Davide Costanzo carry on what Gennaro and Lia created from nothing


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